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Unarmed combat for all martial artists

  • Whilst each martial art has its own distinctive set of forms and katas, the method of teaching kumite all share a common thread. There are only so many ways you can block and counter an attack in unarmed combat.
  • Ernie Molyneux and Roy Flatt have taught unarmed combat to military and security professionals across Europe.
  • They have also both coached students to match their own success at international competitions.
  • This library contains training methods and sparring drills that will be relevant and of interest to you, whatever martial art you happen to follow.

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Self Defence - Learn more

Street Self defence that works under stress

  • The best strategy is never to put yourself in a position where you have to defend yourself.
  • People suffer life changing injuries every year from completely senseless street violence. Some even die. If you can, just walk away every time.
  • Most street fights last only seconds. The resulting legal repercussions can last for years.
  • We all agree violence should be avoided, but …
  • Regrettably, if you are attacked you have no choice but to use force to defend yourself.
  • Let us show you some simple self defence techniques that will help you in a confrontation.

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IOGKF & EGKA Garding Syllabus - Learn more

The complete IOGKF & EGKA grading syllabus.

  • Expert Goju Ryu karate tuition from two internationally renowned IOGKF instructors.
  • The library covers the entire IOGKF (EGKA) grading syllabus from 9th kyu to black belt.
  • Grading specific instruction on:
    • Kata
    • Kakie
    • Bunkai
    • Basics
  • A great resource for instructors to plan a lesson.
  • Regular updates with new material conforming to the IOGKF syllabus.
  • Of international relevance with members in Europe, India, Australia, Asia and USA.

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