Effective Karate: Kumite Drills

Kumite Drill 1 Video

Kumite Drill No.1

Counter to a leading hand jab punch …

Kumite Drill 2 Video

Kumite Drill No.2

Feint lead and reverse scoring punch …

Kumite Drill 3 Video

Kumite Drill No.3

Counter to Oi-tsuki stepping-in punch …

Kumite Drill 4 Video

Kumite Drill No.4

Using ashi barai as an opening attack …

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Repeatedly practising kumite drills is one sure way of improving your sparring skills.

They help you progress beyond the single shot counter we all tend to start out with.

Most successful kumite fighters only perfect a handful of such counters. They practise the drills so often they become an automated, almost instinctive reflex reaction built into their muscle memory.

Basic Kumite Drills

Sensei Roy takes you through some basic kumite drills that will help you sharpen up your sparring skills.

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