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No matter what your original motivation may be for learning some self defence skills, the one thing you quickly leave behind is any desire to actually have to use them in real life. Street violence is ugly and nearly always has long-lasting consequences if the Police become involved.

It has to be stated that if you live in the developed world, in a country like the UK, the chances of you ever having the need to defend yourself from a physical attack is vanishing small. As an adult you will probably become embroiled in the occasional angry verbal exchange, typically with a neighbour or another car driver. Thankfully, most of us have the sense not to allow it to escalate any further than questioning the other person’s parentage and personal habits. Violence is truly the last resort of the inept.

Unfortunately, you may be one of the unlucky few who cannot avoid a violent confrontation. What you read next may help you defuse a nasty situation before it kicks off. If the other person cannot be placated and is stupid enough to attack you, then the simple techniques we demonstrate in the library will give you the best chance of stopping them before they can hurt you.