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Essentially any student of the Martial Arts

We have extracted all of the kumite and training methods from the Goju Ryu repertoire that has universal application and will appeal to any martial artist looking to acquire an edge to their sparring skills.

The past may have involved the zealous guarding of training methods, but today’s more enlightened student will recognise there is often much to be gained by studying other styles than the one they were first trained in.

Just like us, you will probably remain protective about preserving your own adopted style, but you will certainly find rich pickings in the traditional approach Goju Ryu takes to training and developing sparring and kumite competition skills in its own students. We hope you enjoy the content. We know you will benefit from it.

Library Chapter Headings

1. Hoju Undo: Supplementary fitness exercises.

2. Pad Work: Accuracy, speed, power and stamina.

3. Bag Work: Conditioning, stamina and power.

4. Kumite Drills: To develop sparring skills.

5. Ippon Kumite: One attack, one counter sparring drills

6. Yakasoku Kumite: One attack, multiple counters sparring drills.

7. Renzoku Kumite: Pre-arranged continuous attack and counter drills.

8. Jiyu Kumite: Light, free-style sparring

Appendix: Kihon Ido. Moving basics - an important element of kumite training.